Ballistic Pendulum, digital multi-chronometer.


Intended for experimental study, physics laboratory and conducting physics experiments about: movement in two dimensions, projectile movement, projectile launch, oblique movement, range and its uncertainty, launch speed, conservation of mechanical energy, kinetic energy, energy gravitational potential, amount of linear motion, amount of angular motion, ballistic pendulum, inelastic collision, oscillation period, etc.

Key Experiments

  • » The determination of the scope and its uncertainty in a horizontal launch of a projectile. - 1032.064A
  • » The launch reach and velocity in a shooting at 45 degrees - 1032.064A1
  • » The reach in relation to the launch angle, keeping the initial velocity constant - 1032.064A4
  • » The conservation of mechanical energy in a launch at 45 degrees - 1032.064D
  • » Determining the moment of inertia using the period of oscillation of the ballistic pendulum plus sphere - 1032.065C
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