Computer-assisted kit including kimograph, pneumograph, and digital stimulator


It is geared towards the study of skeletal muscles, non-skeletal muscles, muscle physiology (All or Nothing response, staircase effect, muscular tetany, muscular fatigue, comparative study of neurotransmitters, degrees of muscular excitability and contractility, among others). It enables the capture of cardiac activities in small-size Guinea pigs with a graphic registration of contractions in the stimulated organs and for the comprehension of the concepts of pulmonary ventilation, geared towards the practical application of the study of spirometry, thus allowing for the registration of the main alterations of pulmonary volume when inhaling and exhaling, according to pulmonary activities, besides the application of the discoveries of Galvani, Lapicque, etc.
It comes with software for data acquisition and interface for several experiments with data acquisition. The software was developed for Windows 7 / 8 / 10, acquiring real time data through the computer’s USB port. Collected data may be saved for further analysis and comparisons. The acquired curves may be printed through tables and graphs, which may be applicable to diverse studies.

Key Experiments

  • » How do we breathe in different situations? - 1800.012
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