Inclined plane with sensors and scrollable multi-chronometer


Intended for the study of collinear forces, competing coplanar forces, equilibrium of a body on a ramp, static and kinetic friction forces, uniform linear motion, uniformly accelerated linear motion, particle dynamics, radius of gyration and energy discussions, moment of inertia, rotational mechanics, radius of gyration, etc.

Key Experiments

  • » The meeting of two moving objects in URM with opposite directions, on the same trajectory, multi-chronometer - 1032.005C1
  • » The VURM and its characteristics, multi-chronometer - 1032.006_D
  • » The equilibrium of a moving object on an inclined plane - 1032.043
  • » Rigid bodies, conservation of mechanical energy, with sensors - 1032.072A1
  • » The frictional forces and Newton´s first law of motion - 1032.046
  • » The determination of the sliding static and kinetic friction coefficient - 1032.048
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