Master math unit with sensors, software and interface.


Intended for the study of plane geometry, degree, radian, quadrants and their conversions, trigonometric cycle, angle measurement units, sine, cosine and tangent in the trigonometric circle, relations between angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transverse line, angular properties of triangles, trigonometric fundamentals, trigonometric ratios and relations, metric relations in a right triangle and any triangle, Pythagorean theorem, spatial geometry, areas and perimeters of geometric solids regular hexahedron, straight and oblique prisms, straight quadrangular prism, straight regular and non-regular pyramids, straight circular cylinder, equilateral cylinder, sphere inscribed in a cylinder, base apothem, pyramid apothem, pyramid height, cylinder axis, cylinder meridian section, sphere meridian section, external and internal volumes and walls of hollow geometric solids, 3D revolution solids, 3D revolution surfaces, the revolution cone intercepted by a 3D plane, the conic sections, the hypotenuse of the triangle in revolution as a conical surface, ratios, proportions and similar triangles, square special product of the sum of two terms, square special product of the difference of two terms, open and closed polygonal lines, polygons, perimeters and areas of plane figures, inscribed polygons, apothem and areas of the circle, circle, circumferences and perimeters, ration between the perimeter of a circumference and its diameter, the number p and the related function, exponential function, inverse function of the exponential function, natural logarithm, quadratic, sinusoidal and exponential functions.

Key Experiments

  • » Significant digits and uncertainties - 1032.003_0
  • » The quadratic function, the parable - 1400.045
  • » The sine function, the sinusoid - 1400.051
  • » The square special product of the sum of two terms - 1400.211
  • » The square special product of the difference of two terms - 1400.212
  • » The degree, the radian, the grade, the quadrants and their conversions - 1072.006_A
  • » The sine in the trigonometric circle - 1072.006_B
  • » The cosine in trigonometric circle - 1072.006_C
  • » The tangent in the trigonometric circle - 1072.006_D
  • » The fundamental relation of trigonometry in the trigonometric circle - 1072.006_E
  • » Angular properties of triangles - 1400.025
  • » The basic trigonometric ratios and relations in a right triangle - 1400.030
  • » The Pythagorean theorem, a metric relationship between the sides of a right triangle - 1400.035
  • » Metric relations in any triangle - 1400.040
  • » Relations between the angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal straight line - 1400.020
  • » Thales´ Theorem (intersection), ratio and proportion - 1400.231
  • » Tales´ Theorem and similar triangles - 1400.233
  • » How to obtain polygonal lines, four-sided and three-sided polygons and their perimeters. Plane Geometry - 1400.235
  • » How to obtain the areas of polygons: rectangles, squares, and triangles. Plane Geometry - 1400.236
  • » How to obtain the areas of four-sided and three-sided polygons. Plane Geometry - 1400.237
  • » The Pythagorean theorem - 1400.213
  • » The revolution cone intercepted by a plane, the frustum - 1400.007C
  • » The conical surface of revolution intersected by a plane, conic sections, curves - 1400.007D
  • » The annulus, torus or toroidal surface resulting from rotation of a circumference - 1400.007I
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