Optical Bench plan with double beam


Study of geometrical optics, geometry and visual impairments, etc.

Key Experiments

  • » The principles of geometrical optics - 1062.004A
  • » Simulation of the eclipse of the Sun and identification of the umbra and penumbra - 1062.004B
  • » The reflection in the plane mirror - 1062.004C
  • » The image formed in a plane mirror and its characteristics - 1062.004D
  • » The number of images formed between two flat mirrors with an angle between them - 1062.004E
  • » Some applications of multiple reflections between flat mirrors - 1062.004F
  • » The reflection in concave and convex spherical mirrors - 1062.004G
  • » The refraction of light and its laws, the diopters - 1062.004H
  • » The refraction and dispersion of light in optical prisms of 90 and 60 degrees - 1062.004I
  • » The spherical lenses and its main characteristics - 1062.004J
  • » The relationship between the object lens and the image generated by the lens - 1062.004L
  • » The measurement of the average wavelength of the colors of the continuous spectrum of light, interference - 1062.004Q
  • » Vision defects, correction of hyperopia and myopia with lenses - 1062.002K_2
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