Panel for electro-electronic associations


It is geared towards the study of resistors, light bulbs, capacitors and diodes and their serial, parallel and mixed associations, charge and discharge in capacitors, etc.

Key Experiments

  • » The combinations of lamps in series and in parallel - 1082.044C1
  • » Measurements in mixed circuits and electric power - 1082.092A_5
  • » Ohm´s law - 1082.044E1
  • » The identification of a non-ohmic resistor - 1082.044I1
  • » The electrical resistance offered by a diode and its polarization - 1082.044L1
  • » Charging and discharging of the capacitor in an RC series circuit - 1082.067A
  • » Kirchhoff´s mesh and node laws - 1082.044M1
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