Set for spectral analysis and photoelectric effect II


Study of wave, electromagnetic waves, rarefied gases, electrical discharges and luminous effects, spectroscopic investigations of gases, pressure influence and nature of the gas in the irradiation color, electrical charges, spectral irradiance of the Hg, verification of photoelectric effect, etc.

Key Experiments

  • » The measurement of the wavelength of the spectral lines of Mercury - 1062.004MN
  • » The measurement of wavelength of the spectral lines of mercury, without bus - 1062.004T_HG
  • » The spectra of absorption of filters and the materials transparent to light, projectable - 1062.005B
  • » The photoelectric effect - 1062.008
  • » The light emission caused by high voltage in a rarified Geissler tube - 1121.010_E1
  • » Electrification by friction, the principle of conservation of charge, law of charges - 1082.032
  • » Electrostatic and electrification by friction - 1082.033
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